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Track your fuel consumption and vehicle expenses
  • An easy to use interface to track all your expenses, including all your fuelings at various filling stations
  • Have multiple vehicles of different types, including cars, motorcycles and trucks
  • Get detailed statistics of your expenses and fuel consumption
  • We support gasoline, diesel, LPG, CNG, electricity and basically any fuel vehicles even ones with multiple tanks
  • Set reminders to make sure you won’t miss an important service of your vehicle or any other expense like insurance and tax costs
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Find the data of certain vehicles, makes and models
  • Search cars, motorcycles and trucks based on make, model, gearbox, body style, drivetrain, fuel type and many other parameters
  • Browse all the publicly available data of various vehicles on the roads
  • Compare yourself or your vehicle with others in CarSpending
  • Compete to become the most caring and data-driven vehicle owner
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Find the best service for your car, motorcycle or truck
  • Search for the best filling stations, repair shops, auto dealers, paint shops, car washes, parts stores and many more
  • Browse the various automotive venues and get more information about the quality of their service based on real ratings of our users who has been their with their vehicles and used their service
  • Get more details about the venues, including location, opening hours, phone number, email address and many more

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